About Us

Hello and welcome to Heart & Hands!

Lovely to meet you! My name is Briar and Heart & Hands is my whanau's offering to your whanau!


I am a mother of 3 fantastic humans & wrangler of many pets! I am a registered, practicing community midwife with our shop and midwifery clinic sitting side by side complimenting each other.

I believe in making small changes that lead to bigger changes. For myself and many others becoming a parent is a pivotal time in your life to take stock and think about what kind of world you want to leave your children and also thinking more about how the day to day products in our lives may affect our health and well being.

Heart & Hands is a lovingly curated collection of my favorite & trusted products for families, women, babies, and your home. Each being thoughtfully chosen for brand ethics, sustainability, eco conscious, fairtrade, locally made, tactile play-based learning, or bio-degradability.

As a practicing midwife I have a unique window into the lives of families and the things that make transitioning to having a baby easier for you. I know what things work & what things are the most gentle for your little ones! Heart & Hands is the realization of a dream to bring these products to families around NZ and support you in living an intentional and earth friendly life.



We meet and exceed our obligations under the NZ Consumers Guarantee Act meaning we are like a physical store- you are welcome to return any products any time under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. For us customer satisfaction is, at all times, paramount.
We highly value the confidentiality & security of all customers information. We have passed thorough background checks before being granted a merchant account to accept credit card payments and also comply with requirements on secure practices regarding storage and security of customer information on our website.